Orange juice BANNED from hospital because it causes obesity and NAFLD? Pseudoscience!

I’ve been on websites that attract the type of person who is vehemently against pseudoscience. Most of the time, they fail to realize that they are also doing pseudoscience. The following example of “evidence-based” medicine is no more than an example of pseudoscience, defined as an incomplete understanding developed from an incomplete set of evidence and data. The actual definition according to merriam-webster is “a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific.” That works too.

Now let’s clarify something real quick. I don’t think orange juice was banned. However, the articles that reported this story used orange juice in the picture. 100% orange juice. That is a completely different thing from “juice.” Juice could include koolaid. Another article called it “fruit juice” and included a quote from a parent who commented how he didn’t see 100% juice as a bad thing. Clearly, there is some CONFUSION here on drinking 100% fruit juices and thus I am mad.

Here is the story. As you can see, the concern is that more kids these days due to obesity are developing NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is when your liver is unable to process glucose and fat and basically becomes fat itself. There is impaired glucose regulation and obesity is a major risk factor. Therefore, we should be asking: “what causes obesity?” The doctor who was cited throughout the story claimed that fructose leads to NAFLD. There IS certainly evidence to support this. However the evidence incriminates SSBs–sugar-sweetened beverages. We’re talking about the drinks I grew up with like caprisun, koolaid, and tang. Sodas and energy drinks are also SSBs. 100% orange juice or 100% fruit juice is NOT an SSB. Fruit punch is an SSB.

And that sums this up. There isn’t any link between drinking 100% fruit juice and NAFLD or obesity. Obesity certainly is not caused by drinking some fruit juice. Kids are also very active and may crave some sugar and a cooling beverage like a 100% fruit juice is not unhealthy. Koolaid and other sugar sweetened beverages? Definitely limit those.

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