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Hi I’m Avi.

One of the biggest realizations I stumbled upon in my college career was that doing what you are passionate about is highly rewarding. So much so that it may not feel like you are working much of the time because you have a purpose and a vision.

My life’s events have directed me to finding my own passion: health of the body, mind, and soul.

Initially my interests centered in on nutrition. The food you put into your body is important. But the environment you’re in is important too. The people you’re with is important. Your upbringing is important. Your life choices are important. Your sleep hygiene, exercise habits, and beliefs are important.

They are important to the health of your body, your mind, and your soul. There is an interconnectedness to the organ systems in our body, as well as our own internal health and external health, as well as our own health and the health of our community and society.

I am currently a naturopathic medical student for this reason. Holistic thinking is largely lacking from the way we care for patients today and the results are increasingly apparent.

In an age where consumers can voice their concerns and shop around more easily, medicine will be forced to adapt and it already is.

Stop being confused about health (sbcahealth) is inspired by this interconnectedness. Sbcah’s goal is to itself stop being confused by developing a broad awareness of how health is maintained in the body. I will share ideas about fitness, nutrition, mental health, supplements, and anything relevant and interesting to that discussion here.

In the meantime you can follow me on twitter, IG, or on facebook with the handle @sbcahealth or clicking those links.


  1. Hi Avishek,
    I enjoyed reading all of your posts. While agreeing to most of what you have to say, I felt like I was looking for a justification for my laziness. Well, may be. I have never been atheletic types like you. But I have put my body through a lot and I have only gotten heavier. A few months back, I made a pact with myself that I won’t start any new diet/ exercise regimen that I cannot continue forever. These days all I do is walk a few times a week, eat salad sometimes and drink spinach smoothies when I feel like it. Rest, I eat what I want until I am comfortably full.

    This whole ‘thinking about weight all the time’ has been so draining though the years. I am at the end of my rope. If I am going to be obese for the rest of my life, so be it. I will make peace with it like accepting your own skin color/ crooked nose/ any other ‘deformity’ you think you may have. I am just so tired now. There is a lot of psychological recovery to be done here. Keep writing your posts. I look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story.

      I briefly mentioned in my latest post how someone who goes to the gym and exercises and is resultantly physically fit is seen to be a hard worker. I cited John F. Kennedy’s 55-year old statements on this. The idea that not going to the gym is lazy has been ingrained in Western culture.

      I should address this topic a bit more directly in a future post, as a healthy dose of exercise is most likely different for a lot of people, which I have mentioned in previous posts about a month ago.

      Perhaps tomorrow I’ll talk about if walking is enough. I feel that it is for many people and we need to be aware that the type of exercise people are getting into these days is a lot more than necessary for general health. Of course, exercise for most people isn’t for health, but rather, to change body composition to meet some culturally transmogrified ideal.

  2. love your take on health. ive come to the same conclusions myself. coming from an indian family background i now realize how much of what the medicine wisdom shard anecdotally shared by our elders makes sense. thanks for being a voice of the middle path in the new era of health/fitness.

    most importantly how do you keep your hair so nice? ive tried no-poo(no shampoo) & its worked really well for me & when i do need to shampoo ive now started using motherdirt shampoo. but i still think im lacking something. whats ur routine?

    so even though you share your conclusion in many of your experiments, i would appreciate if you shared your routines more as well. it makes it easier for people to start following along. at the same time i can see how people might get caught in the routine and forget to be mindful about these steps. anyways, keep doing what you’re doing. really appreciate the work you’ve done so far.

    1. Thanks Raj,

      My hair isn’t actually so nice. Since developing some adrenal/thyroid issues I’ve had some premature graying and dry scalp. Other than that it seems pretty healthy. So there is actually nothing I do for it, no routines. Putting certain ingredients in hair can certainly help, but internal health is the foundation for skin/hair health.

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