The other day in homeopathy class the idea of the holographic universe popped into my head once again. There is this idea in homeopathy called “layers.” Some people have layers that need to be peeled before the disease can be treated with homeopathy.

But according to newer schools of thought, this layer idea doesn’t make sense. If there is a pathology somewhere, it will be reflected in those layers. It won’t just hide, dormant, until exposed by the peeling back of layers.

Regardless of whether or not you believe homeopathy makes sense, this discussion in class reminded me that in a holographic universe, it would be impossible for the layer theory to be true. Pathology would have to be reflected to the outside.

Then I started thinking about other things I learned. I remember reading in a book or perhaps hearing at a talk somewhere that there is an energy body, an astral body, and an etheric body. Disease begins in the energy body much of the time before manifesting in the physical body.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen disease manifest in the energy body, but I read in “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss that this is how things worked. She was a medical intuitive, and could tell what was going on with someone just by looking at their picture. She was looking at the energy body.

Then I thought about iridology, a way of diagnosing disease that looks at patterns of the iris. The idea is that pathology shows up in the iris in a predictable way. This belief is shared in biological dentistry; different teeth correspond to different organs, just like different parts of the iris do. In reflexology different points on the foot correspond to different organ systems. With acupuncture and Chinese medicine it’s the same.

The information in a holograph is found throughout the entire holograph. If you take a slice of it out, all the information about the universe is contained in that slice, albeit less of it the smaller the slice is. It seems as if the body is a holograph and we can deduce information about the health of our internal organs without invasive methods.

I’m reading a book on pendulums now and it claims that you can use them to detect the sex of a baby in the womb!

My goal here is to discover the truth. And my life’s experiences are leading me to believe that the universe is truly holographic and there already seems to be robust study on this topic.

I read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot years ago (I think 2012). I can’t say it made any sense until recently.

Here’s a little backstory. Both of my parents are from India. They emphasized education; after all, it’s how they got here (to the states). Growing up, education was a big part of my life. I learned to be extremely logical. Part of that certainly was my own personality but the way I was raised played a large role in this as well.

Anyway, growing up, I tended to fight my instincts, only to realize they were right. I had no idea how to stop doing this but I made the intention to listen to my instincts. In my early twenties I started getting better at it. Eventually, I started seeing what an instinct was (I’ll make another post about it and update this). Instincts are the signals that come to you immediately. You don’t have to think about it for a long time. It just comes to you, immediately. It’s a sense and a feeling.

As my instinctual abilities grow stronger, I notice that other people can read me better. I told the grocery clerk “I’m cleaning shit today” after he asked me how I was doing, and he correctly guessed that I was moving. That day I had two other experiences like this where people pretty much read me accurately.

Instinct is highly related to the concept of the holographic universe. If you have an instinct about something, you are picking up an energy from whatever that thing is, and you then have a feeling about it. It doesn’t have to make any sense, but it’s there and it’s inarguable.

So if we’re all connected it means we have more information than we ever realized. We have a lot of awareness and knowledge. Modern science doesn’t have any more to tell us than what we have discovered collectively as a species already since we evolved into who we are.

Deepak Chopra was right, and some people just seem to get this stuff. They’re on a certain wavelength, frequency, and whatever you may call it. Everyone else just thinks this is crazy. But my question is if it’s crazy, why are these experiences and ideas so universal?

Why do people around the world use cod liver oil, spices, herbs, and have knowledge on healing from existing in harmony with nature? Why did physicians in India and China believe that the body was electric (another good book “The Body Electric“). How do shamans talk to plants (I believe this may be answered in “The Cosmic Serpent” which I will read once my friend finishes it). And why is it that fighting nature, the way modern medicine does, leads to so much confusion? New drugs, new vaccines, and new theories can be expected every few years.

There are no laws in modern medicine. But the laws that govern natural medicine are the same laws that govern the universe. I don’t have any studies proving this right now, but it’s just a thought.