Is Muscle Milk healthy?

What did those artificially flavored synthetic chemicals in the watery-soup of a proteinaceous muscle-building drink do to my body?

Years ago, specifically, say, 5 years ago, when I was super into whole foods only diets and did not eat out, drink alcohol, consume artificial things, the idea of consuming Muscle Milk never crossed my mind.

But after burning out my adrenals from lifting too heavy too often, and after being so rigid in my diets that I was not a normal person and achieved no health benefit from doing so, I’ve learned something really simple about food: it’s not that simple and it’s not THAT important. Yea you feel good when you eat healthy foods, but we don’t know what’s healthy.

Most people’s ideas about a healthy diet is something that is catabolic: it breaks down tissues in the body because of the low calorie content. A healthy diet should actually have a good balance between anabolic and catabolic substances. You don’t need to eat salads and granola: that’s something you should eat if you’re 100 lbs overweight.

That being said, I chose between the lesser of two evils today. It was either drink some Muscle Milk because that’s what’s available at the gym, or eat nothing because I don’t have time to get an actual meal. I’d much rather make my own whey protein shake because it tastes way better than Muscle Milk but the nutrients in there gave me energy.

I walked into my lab class feeling energized. My stress levels were lower too (stress hormones go up after intense quick workouts!).

If I hadn’t taken this, I would have been less healthy. I would have been stressed. No meditation wouldn’t help. I need calories. The protein isolates helped my muscles recover.

The findings we’ve made from reductionist science has allowed a product like this to be successful on the market. I bet you I could drink it every day (not worth it though imo) and not have any issues!

If you understand this you’re golden. If it disturbs you, perhaps you’re too rigid with your food habits. Perhaps you wonder if having something artificial will take a year off your lifespan. It won’t. It won’t because food is not that powerful. But eating bad foods day after day and living OUT OF BALANCE will take quality years away from your life.

By drinking the Muscle Milk, part of me achieved a healthful balance, and I felt great.


  1. I’ve discovered something that’s similar. I have always been into fitness and went regularly to the gym. recently have been just working out at home. have gained 10 pounds in the last year so wanted to take that off. I went on this lifestyle of 5 strict days and being more relaxed in the weekends including cakes etc. What I noticed is that I had a harder time coming back to being strict on Monday. SO I started an experiment. Eating healthy but allowing myself a cheat once a day probably before 5 pm. It’s really helped me and I feel more in control and am losing inches. Conclusion- sugar is not BAD. Nor is baked goods. but MODERATION is the key and timing. I feel good about this!

  2. Food and nutrition gets more complicated the more you look at it but you are certainly on the right path as with exercise it’s not what you do but how you do it! I do feel that You Tube has been a huge part of getting to the truth and sharing information between us the people! I like the way that we can all help each other to become heathier by sharing information in video format which pardon the pun is a lot easier to digest!! I have recently come across Essiac (tea) and it’s amazing properties not only for treatment of cancer but whole body cleansing! Anyway keep up the good work. We the people will win in the end!!

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