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I offer consultations for two general types of services:

  1. Help with general nutrition, health, and fitness.
    • Discussing what dietary habits you should have to achieve or maintain good health.
    • Discussing and planning what your physical fitness regimen should look like.
  2. Help with disordered eating habits, orthorexia, and finding a balance.
    • Getting over a preoccupation with food and/or body shape and weight.
    • Finding a more balanced diet.

Here’s how I can help.

I got obsessed with nutrition at the age of 17 and started to play with my diet to modulate my energy levels, to lose weight, and improve athletic performance. I paid close attention to my body fat percentage mainly, and in the beginning, didn’t follow my instincts too much.

I was very confused but very inspired by what I found on the internet at the same time. Basically, while training really hard in the gym, I was on some type of diet. I had disordered eating and most likely orthorexia as well. Thoughts of what to eat and when to workout consumed my mind.

After a few years my health started to deteriorate. I started eating more and letting go of my ideas surrounding food and quickly started having more energy again. It took some more time to let go of my hardcore training habits but once I did my health improved even more.

My story is unique, but I’ve encountered many people who have had even more extreme experiences and have ended up with worse health issues. I developed adrenal problems and some thyroid issues, but some people have had to take off from work or school due to their obsession with diet and fitness.

I worked as a personal trainer for 2.5 years while in college, telling people to do really intense exercises that probably aren’t good for health in retrospect. I prescribed what I thought was a healthy diet, but I have a more balanced view now.

By working with me, you’ll gain a very unique and balanced perspective on health. If you want to get over disordered eating habits, you’ll have someone who understands and has experienced some of the things you have.

If you’d like to work with me, send me an email at stopbeingconfusedabouthealth@gmail.com. You will receive a 15 minute free video consultation and we can decide if my services can help you. Then, we will set up a plan of weekly video calls and email communication. We will figure out the rates based on my level of involvement. Talk to you soon.



  1. Hi Avishek,

    I found your YouTube channel couple days ago and found it interesting since I am struggling with my diet changes.
    I eat a lot of fruit and eat generally healthy – no meat, fish, eggs & dairy rarely. Anyway, I train frequently, had to stop running because of my knee injury.
    I eat mostly bananas, oats, nuts and tahini for breakfast and its quite filling but I’ve noticed that I get a lot of fat around my belly and these tiny red dots. I can’t seem to solve what they are about. I also feel often bursts of energy and lows with the need for caffeine. My digestion is good although I feel that these days it is too regularly sometimes.
    The winter is coming (hohoho) and I assume it has something to do with it too since my ankles hurt and this knee issue wont go away :/
    Am not so sick to go to the doc, but I try to solve the red dots issue.

    Hope for a advice or two 🙂


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